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Measuring Employee Behavior or Results

How do you know whether to measure the behavior or results when managing an employees performance?

The answer seems simple at first. Measure behavior when you want to reward effort like being on time or doing the right thing for the company or customer. Measure results when the employee is responsible for an outcome, such as drafting a marketing plan.

However, jobs often have tasks that are based both on behavior and results. As well, it is not practical to measure the individual tasks of each employee. In these circumstances you may have a conflict. For example, a manager may have a production goal for a salaried employee (result), but a 50 hour work week requirement (behavior).

If there is a conflict, then the overall priorities of the position should govern. Otherwise, you may have an employee putting the breaks on production in order to meet behavioral expectations, such as “face time.”

The bottom line is to make sure that you are measuring employees behavior or results in alignment with organizational priorities or you may water down both behavior and results.