Sometimes Simple is Best

Sometimes it is the simple things that make the biggest impact. I have memories of a few simple rules about business and life that have stuck with me and have far more value than more complex theories that I have long since forgotten. Here are a few of the simple things I remember:

  • make lists – David Allen, Getting Things Done
  • pursue your passion
  • invest in business models not products – Professor Markman, CSU MBA Capstone 2014
  • call the person you have a problem with
  • let things happen
  • question everything
  • invest in yourself
  • make plans
  • it’s the journey
  • if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing now
  • good leaders know how to relate to people

There are many more, but what I find fascinating is how often the simple rules are the one’s that can be relied upon. My advice … keep it simple.